oil paintings, oil paintings from artists, oil paintings on canvas. Abstract art. Dialogue. Abramova Irina
Abstract art. Dialogue. Abramova Irina



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'Dialogue'. Abramova Irina

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Abstract art
oil, paper
15.7” x 19.7“
( 40.0 x 50.0 cm )
Price: $ 120 / € 100

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Abramova Irina


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Abramova Irina

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Abramova Irina

About the artist:

Journey to the elements

Most people are convinced that art is a large mirror facing the world or the universe. It can idealize, can be crooked, it can create grotesque figures and absurd situations, it can be a reality or a dream, it can play with the world of entities or offer it its phantasmagoria. But it happens that the artist seeks just Himself, touching associatively human or national problems, principles or delusions.

In this regard, the Krasnodar artist Irina Abramova hasn't been in step with the contemporary art mainstream for already 20 years, she is not included in any of today's South-Russian parties. Personal, unmediated touch to still undiscovered laws of the universe, to the things that hasn't had a name yet, - this is very important for her.

Her work - is RE-action on public commodification of the world and the transformation of man into an appendage of the various automated systems. Perhaps it is also unconscious action on freudianism, marxism, technocratic globalism, the cult of cars, capitalism, socialism, nationalism or tolerance. Because it's difficult to find a place for a human soul among all these information flows. Moreover, for a female soul.

Though the artist keeps close to the fine art, logic of musical chords and arpeggios dominates in her paintings and graphic fantasies over her palette. Therefore there are no living things but the colored shapes in her world. Phenomenon which has come to the artist in her feeling...


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Color Me Freedom Adult Coloring Book 
Adult Coloring books have become the latest fad, 
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oil paintings, oil paintings from artists, oil paintings on canvas. Abstract art. Dialogue. Abramova Irina