Hong kong. Jane Echo. Impressionism painting. Original paintings for sale

Hong kong. Jane Echo. Impressionism painting. Original paintings for sale



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Hong kong
From series 'Night cities'    
Jane Echo
Impressionism paintings

Hong kong
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oil, artificial canvas
10.6“ x 15.7”
( 40.0 x 27.0 cm )
Price: $ 380 / € 350
(Free Worldwide Shipping)

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Jane Echo:


Contact the Artist:
Echo Jane

Artist's website:

Was born on the 09th of October 1976 in Moscow. Took my first lessons of drawing when I copied illustrations from a big collection of my father who collected ex-librises and book graphics. From my childhood I became keen on drawing and took my lessons in the restoration of workshops at Nykolo-Perervensky monastery. I graduated from Literary institute named after Gorky the seminar of Moscow poet Evgeniy Rehn, prolonging my studies in drawing. I was a student at Moscow Art school named after 1905 years. I was a post-graduate student in the Russian Academy of Science. Simultaneously I was working as a fashion reviewer in a business fashion magazine. Now I''m a free artist. I paint in oil, acrylic, water-colours and china ink. I participated in the youth and arts exhibitions in Russia and abroad (in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kitshera (Siberia), Severobaykalsk, Norilsk, Pezenas, Berlin, Loueran-Kabrielle, Melbourn). Since 1996 until the present time I have been illustrating books, have been working in different genres using various technical devices. I can make pictures to order. My favorites genres are abstract composition, portrait, landscape, landscape with staffage, a portrait in image.

The material of all paintings is oil on artificial canvas with a synthetic covering.

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Color Me Freedom Adult Coloring Book 
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both professional and personal,
giving rise to a desperate need 
for innovative ways of relieving stress.

"Color Me Freedom!"
Adult Coloring Book
by Elizabeth Urabe

Erofey Evladin
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