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Online art gallery submission. For artists: how to submit your artwork.





  1. Who can exhibit in ArtHit Gallery?
    Our gallery accepts artists online submissions from any country.
    Both professional and amateur visual artists who feel they could benefit from an internet display can submit their art for review.
  2. Do I have to sell my artwork online when exhibiting in
    If you only wish to display artwork rather than sell it, please write NFS
    You can also display the sold artworks from your portfolio, they will be marked as SOLD.
  3. How long will my artworks be displayed in
    Your artworks will be displayed in the gallery for unlimited period of time.
  4. What does it cost to join

     The membership fee is 70$.

  5. How many artworks can I submit?
    Up to 20 artworks in 1-3 categories of the gallery (i.e. up to 60 works in total). If you have less than 20 artworks - it's ok. You can add the artworks later.
  6. May I replace sold artworks and/or text on my pages?
    Yes, you may change or replace images and text at any time. It is free.
    To add/replace the artworks write us a letter to


  1. We'll display you artist page in English and Russian languages.
  2. The content of these pages will be unique with keywords chosen carefully for you and your artworks. Your pages independently get top ranking on google, yahoo and AOL and starting to receive hundreds of direct clicks within a few weeks after submission.
  3. You can change your information at any time announcing visitors of your upcoming exhibitions, recent awards, new work, etc.
    Replacing images and text updates are free. All you will need is to write us a letter:
  4. You'll have 20 large image pages, and 2 pages for a thumbnail index and resume. See the examples below:

  5. Your artworks will be displayed on the main page of our website for at least 8-10 weeks and will be linked to your artist's page. It's free.
  6. If you wish your contact information (such as email address, address of your website, phone number etc.) will be also displayed in your personal gallery. Customers who visit your page at will contact you directly via email or phone, and there is no commission fee.
  7. All rights remain the property of the author.


  1. Send the pictures and descriptions to:
  2. In the body of your email letter, please list the following information about each image:
    - Title, size, medium, year (optional), your comments to the artwork (optional)
  3. Include the information about yourself: Biography/Artist's statement, any information which you think can be interesting for your visitors.
  4. Your contact information which will be displayed on your artist's page (it may be email address and/or phone number)


If you have not found the answers to your questions on this page,
feel free to contact us at:




Irina Petrova
The child`s world
Canvas oil paintings
Cue cases for pool cue 
Genuine leather 
Hand tooled design
Erofey Evladin
Cue cases for pool cue 
Genuine leather 
Hand tooled design
Erofey Evladin

"The child`s world"
Irina Petrova
Canvas oil paintings

Cue cases for pool cue
Genuine leather
Hand tooled design
Erofey Evladin
Cue cases for pool cue
Genuine leather
Hand tooled design
Erofey Evladin

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Oil paintings for sale::


Erofey Evladin<br>
Cue cases for sale

Erofey Evladin
Cue cases for sale

Abstract art by
Elizabeth Urabe
Color Me Freedom Adult Coloring Book 
Adult Coloring books have become the latest fad, 
with the rampant disharmony in people`s lives, 
both professional and personal,
giving rise to a desperate need 
for innovative ways of relieving stress.

"Color Me Freedom!"
Adult Coloring Book
by Elizabeth Urabe