Cylindrical Anamorphic Arts. Abstract art. Naked Bath. Awtar Singh Virdi
Cylindrical Anamorphic Arts. Abstract art. Naked Bath. Awtar Singh Virdi



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'Naked Bath'. Awtar Singh Virdi

Naked Bath
Awtar Singh Virdi. All artworks  >>
Abstract art
acrylic, canvas
20.0” x 24.0“
( 50.8 x 61.0 cm )
A Mirrored cylinder dimension
Diameter 110mm, Height 250mm

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Awtar Singh Virdi

Awtar Singh Virdi


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Awtar Singh Virdi

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Awtar Singh Virdi

About the artist:

At the age of 18, I joined Mercedes Benz training center at TELCO, Jamshedpur, India. All the technical exercises charts were made by me because I was good at drawing. Once I saw a highly polished Mercedes Benz car. I saw my own distorted image on the body parts of that car which were polished like a mirror. This was the reflection my own face which was coming distorted. This incident gave a strike to my mind and immediately I went to my room and took a highly polished Chinese pen cap and placed it on a white card. I started trying to make a figure on the card in order to see true and correct inside the pen cap as result of the reflection. After few trials I was able to draw some correct figures which were looking meaningless on the white card. this was the beginning of this for of art. By that time I was not aware about the history and name of this art form but I kept on trying to get some interesting figure. After few months I made my first Anamorphic painting to be seen through the pen cap was of a nude lady.later I resigned TELCO and joined TISCO as a craftsman. Gradually I developed this technique and was able to make portrait. The first Cylindrical Anamorphic portrait I made was of Mr. J.R.D.Tata, which was gifted to him on behalf our department. this practice continued and I made several portraits to the distinguished personalities in India and abroad. Over the years I have achieved enough perfection in this form of art. I am the holder of Guinness World records for the Largest Anamorphic ...


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Cylindrical Anamorphic Arts. Abstract art. Naked Bath. Awtar Singh Virdi