Interior paintings. Applied art. Painting `Butterfly`. Karlova Elena
Interior paintings. Applied art. Painting `Butterfly`. Karlova Elena



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'Painting `Butterfly`'. Karlova Elena

Painting `Butterfly`
Karlova Elena. All artworks  >>
Applied art
, canvas
31.5” x 39.4“
( 80.0 x 100.0 cm )
textured paste,
liquid gold leaf,
potal, glass, acrylic, lacquer
Price: $ 1100 / € 900

Painting `Butterfly`

Butterfly symbol of the soul, and immortality resurrection, the ability to transformation. Painting protects against low vibrational energy, prevents the stagnation of energy in the room, activates the vital processes, helps to awaken the love for life andto find the answers within yourself, fills the energy of love.

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Karlova Elena

Karlova Elena


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Karlova Elena

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Karlova Elena

About the artist:

I was born on February 19, 1980, in Kazakhstan. When a child I moved with my family to the Altai territory, Russia. Being a creative child I never thought I would become an artist because practical approach and technical fields always dominated in my family.

After I got a degree in economics I'd been running my own sewing and knitting business for a long time. However I was always looking for the my own way to spiritual development.

My success story is a real demonstration that you can find yourself at any age. My wish came true when I was 30. Fate brought me to Turkey where I saw the ancient and rarely used technique of gilding, then I realized that I found "myself".

I realized that the purpose of my life was not just earning money, but first of all the inner harmony. So I prioritized in favor of creativity, devoting myself to education and development of my skills.

Combining my signature style, imagining new texture and colors, making absolutely all details for my works by hands, I discovered a fundamentally new format of contemporary art. Thanks to my inner energy, the power of ancient symbols and magnetic combinations of geometrical shapes my pictures have got recognizable energy charge. My pictures as the talismans of a house usually completely change the life of its owners, filling up them with harmony, cheer and love.

In the past six years my works have been ...


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Interior paintings. Applied art. Painting `Butterfly`. Karlova Elena