Paintings for sale. Fantasy art. Triptych Venus Women - Bird. Sochilina Milena
Paintings for sale. Fantasy art. Triptych Venus Women - Bird. Sochilina Milena



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'Triptych Venus Women - Bird'. Sochilina Milena

Triptych Venus Women - Bird
Sochilina Milena. All artworks  >>
Fantasy art
mixed media, watercolor, color pencil, glitter, paper
15.7” x 11.8“
( 40.0 x 30.0 cm )
Price: $ 500 / € 470

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Sochilina Milena:


Contact the Artist:
Sochilina Milena

Tel.: +7 916 9772552

Statement. Out of respect for the website visitors I won't bore anyone with standard facts from my biography: "born ...", "finished ...", "married ...."   I think my pictures will say much more about me than just a set of some dates and words.

About my paintings. As far as I remember myself, my mind was always crowded with a lot of questions about why things are going on this way and not that way. Even my first word was the question "Why?". "Why does the sun shine?", "Why is grass green?", "Why do people suffer?". While I was growing up, the questions become more complex and deeper. And then, at some moment, I made the most exciting discovery in my life - when seriously think about some question the world always gives you the answer to it. Any way: the book that was suddenly read, in the movie seen recently, in life situations or even overheard phrase. And I always wanted to share with others the joy of my enlightenment. But the words just do not describe it well enough. Therefore, my paintings is a kind of monologue where I talk about the world of my soul and the new findings presented to me by life.

About my life. Life is an amazing adventure, the scenario which we write ourselves. Everyone regardless of his abilities and talents is able to fill the life with whatever his heart desires - love, creativity, joy, strivings, victories ...

About talent. Talent is a relative concept. I think the talent is the ability to go to the realization of your dream regardless of social stereotypes and subjective views of others.

I paint any subject on request.


Paintings for sale. Fantasy art. Triptych Venus Women - Bird. Sochilina Milena