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Impressionism. Such dreams. Impressionism pencil drawings. Svetlana Danilova



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Such dreams
Svetlana Danilova
Oil paintings

Such dreams
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watercolor pencils, paper
7.9” x 9.8“
( 20.0 x 25.0 cm )
Price: $ 270 / € 240
(Free Worldwide Shipping)

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Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. `Spring tenderness`
Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. From the series `Streets`
Pool cue cases. Stylish cue case. Genuine leather. Handcrafted
Oil paintings for sale.
`Spring tenderness`
oil, canvas
Oil paintings for sale.
From the series `Streets`
oil, canvas
Pool cue cases
Stylish cue case
Genuine leather

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Svetlana Danilova:


Contact the Artist:
Danilova Svetlana

Born in 1988, in Saratov (Russia)

"Iíve been often told that Iím a person without talent, and all those things that I create are ordinary and futureless.

The most important thing is never give up and never lose faith in yourself! And each time I do something what I believe in, even regardless of the whole world, then I speak and create on behalf of those people who couldnít assert themselves.

I often used to feel a pain in my life. But that pain is nothing, compared with the feelings of those people who have no place to live in and nothing to eat. In Russia, many people need help: the people who lost their home for various reasons.

I talk about it and will continue talking, because right now, at this very moment, someone else is experiencing this unbearable pain. Thatís why 30% of my sales will be sent to assist such people. Even if I could feed the only hungry person, I would consider it a great victory!

I donít ask you to purchase my works, you should do as you heart prompts you.
God bless you!"

Oil paintings for sale:

Oil paintings for sale. Poppies

oil, canvas
Original paintings

Abstract art by
Elizabeth Urabe
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