Leather handbags. Woman handbags. Handbags by Erofey Evladin
Leather handbags. Woman handbags. Handbags by Erofey Evladin



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Leather handbag
Genuine leather handbags
Handmade leather handbags
Erofey Evladin

Handbag #4
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Womens handbags
Stylish leather handbag
Handcrafted and beautifully decorated

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Prices for Handbags

Price is determined for each individual order and depends on design complexity of the handbag.

Most details are negotiable during the correspondence.
Your order is discussed with you and estimates are made prior to start of each project.

If the completed handbag does not meet with your expectations you do not have to proceed with your order .


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Erofey Evladin:

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Looking for stylish and unforgettable gift for a woman? These beautiful leather handbags are worth your notice!

Women of all ages will value highly the careful work of this experienced leather craftsman. The author has been creating these fabulous leather handbags more than 17 years!
His attention to details and dedication to high quality and durability standards keeps him on a short list of great handbags makers.

Each of these high quality leather women's handbags is professionally hand tooled and decorated.

The women's handbags are made from best quality genuine leather from Italy and Spain. Be sure that any of these handbags will serve you for a long time.


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