Botanical painting. Still life. Scarlet Hips. Kaliberda Elena
Botanical painting. Still life. Scarlet Hips. Kaliberda Elena



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'Scarlet Hips'. Kaliberda Elena

Scarlet Hips
Kaliberda Elena. All artworks  >>
Still life
watercolor, aqua board
9.1” x 10.2“
( 23.0 x 26.0 cm )
Price: $ 60 / € 60

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Oil paintings for sale.
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Kaliberda Elena

Kaliberda Elena


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Kaliberda Elena

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Kaliberda Elena

About the artist:

Elena Kaliberda. Designer, painter.

Tel .: 8988754 75 86

Education: Stavropol art school. Painting department (1990)

Kuban State University. Graphic arts department (2008.)

Member of city, regional and youth art exhibitions.

I work in the field of graphic design. Have been engaged in botanical painting since 2009.

All the flowers are painted from life in a mixed watercolor technique (wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet) on a high quality cotton paper Grain Torchon 300g / m2.

Since I'm painting flowers from nature, the most difficult part of my job is to create a composition. Flowers actually grow in the garden, in a flowerpot or assembled in a bouquet. How to place a flower or flowers on a sheet of paper? How to create an interesting composition, harmonious ratio of form, color stains, to create a certain rhythm that is peculiar to the growth of plants this is a task that I set for myself.

It is the part of the work that requires creativity in realistic painting. After these tasks are complete it is necessary to have a skill, knowledge and diligence to convey the beauty and complexity of the plants.

Paintings in this charming genre create a contemplative mood, the atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony.


Botanical painting. Still life. Scarlet Hips. Kaliberda Elena