Jesus In China . Steve Kreuscher. Surrealism. Colored pencil drawings
Jesus In China . Surrealism of Steve Kreuscher. Colored pencil drawings. Surrealism, pencil drawings



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Jesus In China. 
Steve Kreuscher
Colored pencil drawings

Jesus In China
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Prismacolors, 500 strathmore
16.0” x 20.0“
( 40.7 x 50.8 cm )
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Steve Kreuscher:

United States

Contact the Artist:
Kreuscher Steve

June 22, 2008, I have decided to change the name of this painting, from "The Day that God Poured out the Fire of His Wrath upon His son for our sakes and the Fire of His Love upon a Lost World", to, "Jesus In China", as a tribute to all the Christians, in China, who are rising up and making public stands for their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The inspiration for this painting came, because I can relate so well, in my own life, to the fiery trials of Christ. Therefore, I have always wanted to do a portrait of Christ, using the colors of fire throughout the painting. Then finally, I came across the perfect model of the face of Christ to draw from; Flemish painter, Sir Anthony Van Dyck's painting of "The Mocking of Christ". I knew immediately that this was the perfect model that I had been waiting for. In this painting, I fully aimed to show Christ, in the flesh, was the eternal chosen place, for the ultimate fire of God's great wrath and the ultimate fire of His great Love would meet and be fully revealed to the world that He created. You will see many hidden religious images in this painting is you look at it upside down. The mustache is a huge mother bird coming down to feed the two baby birds in nests, the baby birds in the nests are the eyes of Jesus, meaning that "the little ones" are aways in His sight and His eyes are set like a flint upon "the little ones". The six men on Christ's cheek, between His ear and His eye are "the wise men and the debaters of the world", who Apostle Paul spoke of them saying, "...the word of the cross is to those who are perishing foolishness, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.....Where is the wise man ? Where is the scribe ? Where is the debater of this age ? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world ?..." Then the hairs next to Christ's other cheek are turning into praying hands. Then the crown of thorns is also like a huge nest like a birth place for all who believe in Him since He died on the cross. Then behind Christ's chin there is like a fiery graveyard full of crosses representing anyone and everyone, since Christ, who has ever been persecuted in any way or form for believing in Jesus to be "the Christ". Then also there is a fiery sky above the fiery graveyard. Then on the bottom of the upside down version there is another crown below the crown of thorns made up of little people, all joined together in unity, forming layers of people making up Christ's crown; ( Apostle Paul also said, that those, who believe in Jesus as the Christ, are His crown and His joy. ) At first It bothered me when I had finished the painting, that all the little people joined together didn't seem to have heads. Then one day a few weeks later, I recalled the scripture that states that we, who believe in Jesus are all one body and there is only one head and that is Christ Jesus. Then I was satisfied.

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