The Resurrection of Surrealism. Steve Kreuscher. Surrealism. Colored pencil drawings
The Resurrection of Surrealism. Surrealism of Steve Kreuscher. Colored pencil drawings. Surrealism, pencil drawings



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The Resurrection of Surrealism
Steve Kreuscher
Colored pencil drawings

The Resurrection of Surrealism
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Prismacolors, 500 strathmore
20.0” x 16.0“
( 50.8 x 40.7 cm )
Price: $ 59950 / € 54000
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Steve Kreuscher:

United States

Contact the Artist:
Kreuscher Steve

A lot of books about Dali, magritte and other surrealist artists say that surrealism is dead and that it died in about 1940. On the contrary, I declare that surrealism is not dead and it never will be dead as long as our imaginations and our dreams continue. Surrealism is more, than just a passing popular trend. Surrealism reaches out, grabs and captures people from every new generation with such a great power to free us to think for ourselves and to be ourselves. Again surrealism is not dead it has just branched out everywhere creating new children and grandchildren of the original movement. Andrew Brenton was too restrictive and made too many rules, turning the most free art movement into his own little prison. As the great artists of that movement broke free from Brenton's prison cells, they brought back life and pure free creativity back to surrealism. I do not believe that surrealism is dead at all, but if it was dead, then I would die trying my absolute best to Resurrect it. This is the perfect painting for the second painting in this forbidden series; a painting of a hand coming up out of a coffin, which is just a part of another painting. And this miraculous hand is painting and giving life to everything else in the picture, as if to say, "You think I'm dead. Well I'll show you".

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