Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. How the cat lodges in the kitchen. Lonli Lola
Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. How the cat lodges in the kitchen. Lonli Lola



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'How the cat lodges in the kitchen'. Lonli Lola

How the cat lodges in the kitchen
Lonli Lola. All artworks  >>
paper, ink
15.7” x 11.8“
( 40.0 x 30.0 cm )

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Lonli Lola

Lonli Lola


Contact the Artist:
Lonli Lola

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Lonli Lola

About the artist:

Lola Lonli was born on July 8, 1973 in small town Yelets in Russia .

Lola paints since early childhood. From 1996 she is the member of the International Federation of Artists and Federation of Artists of Moscow region, section of graphic arts.

From 1993 to 1997 she was working and arranging exhibitions with group of artist Union of African figures.

Lola is the member of the Executive Committee of International Association Universal Day of Culture and the Director of the art-studio The World's treasure.

From 1989 till 2010 Lola arranged, hosted and has taken part of about 70 exhibitions in Russia , Latvia and Ukraine , including those with her students. The exhibitions have been attended by about 500 000 visitors. Lola's masterpieces are kept in museums and personal collections in many countries.

The compositions of the paintings are based on epics, myths and legends of nations of the World reflecting author's keen interest in ethnography.

Each painting is accompanied by the author's remark. The paintings are full with deep philosophical meaning and complex symbolism. They are worked out in authentic author's technique based on layered painting by egg distemper with natural mineral pigments and essential oils. The graphics is drawn by the author using traditional materials like Indian ink, pen and watercolors.

Author's photo dtd July 9, 2010.

School of painting - cosmism

Comment to the artwork:

There lived a cat, small, but very reasonable creature; the reason has prompted it to make friends with the strongest animal, to be in safety. So it has approached to tsar of animals - to a lion and has told: «Let us be friends, your prey is my prey, my hunting is your hunting ». The lion, certainly, has agreed, in fact the cat was such courageous. They were friends long and all time were together, but once when they slept, the elephant has stepped on a lion there and has crushed it. The cat has thought: « this animal is stronger than a lion » and has made friends with the elephant, but their friendship was absolutely short, the African hunter has come and has killed the elephant, has charged with it the carriage and has carried at home. « Well, how strong this animal! » - and the cat has solved and has run for the hunter. And the hunter has come home where it was waited by the young wife, he has given her extraction and the weapon, and himself has gone to have a rest. « Well and well! » - the cat was surprised, - « And this animal if the one who is stronger than the elephant, gives for her the extraction! How strong she is! » The woman liked tender purring and soft fur of cats, which it rubbed about her legs and she has let the cat live in the house. And there was a cat to live at female legs, and is closer to kitchen.

The composition of a picture is sustained in the plastic, a peculiar sculpture of carvers on an ebony from tribe Makonde. The pose of the woman symbolizes the force consisting flexibility and tenderness, the moon - a traditional symbol of the female beginning, balances on her foot, helping to keep balance in any pressure, and the weapon hanging on other foot - means ability to disarm men in the most unexpected ways.

Comment by
Lola Lonli


Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. How the cat lodges in the kitchen. Lonli Lola