Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. The thinking woman. Lonli Lola
Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. The thinking woman. Lonli Lola



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'The thinking woman'. Lonli Lola

The thinking woman
Lonli Lola. All artworks  >>
paper, ink
11.8” x 15.7“
( 30.0 x 40.0 cm )

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Lonli Lola

Lonli Lola


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Lonli Lola

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Lonli Lola

About the artist:

Lola Lonli was born on July 8, 1973 in small town Yelets in Russia .

Lola paints since early childhood. From 1996 she is the member of the International Federation of Artists and Federation of Artists of Moscow region, section of graphic arts.

From 1993 to 1997 she was working and arranging exhibitions with group of artist Union of African figures.

Lola is the member of the Executive Committee of International Association Universal Day of Culture and the Director of the art-studio The World's treasure.

From 1989 till 2010 Lola arranged, hosted and has taken part of about 70 exhibitions in Russia , Latvia and Ukraine , including those with her students. The exhibitions have been attended by about 500 000 visitors. Lola's masterpieces are kept in museums and personal collections in many countries.

The compositions of the paintings are based on epics, myths and legends of nations of the World reflecting author's keen interest in ethnography.

Each painting is accompanied by the author's remark. The paintings are full with deep philosophical meaning and complex symbolism. They are worked out in authentic author's technique based on layered painting by egg distemper with natural mineral pigments and essential oils. The graphics is drawn by the author using traditional materials like Indian ink, pen and watercolors.

Author's photo dtd July 9, 2010.

School of painting - cosmism

Comment to the artwork:

Wooden sculpture which has inspired me for this work, I have seen at my friend, Moscow writer Alexey Pavlovskiy. I was amazed with a combination of ideally polished face and the raw branches acting from a head reminding horns. Eyes of the girl have been a little oblique that is characteristic for many traditional African styles, in particular, for a sculpture of a Nigerian nationality Ife . In some African tribes of the woman carry similar headdresses, to find out to what culture the figurine concerns more precisely, it was not possible.

After I have found out, that such sculptures give brides, with a wish of execution of dream. I did understood, that the raw tree of horns are ideas on the future, dreams of the girl which are still formed.

The form reminds some images Egyptian goddess Isida and other gods of the Egyptian pantheon, for strengthening this similarity I have drawn the moon between horns. In patterns dreams, animal plants and people are ciphered.

Comment by
Lola Lonli


Original paintings and drawings. Cosmism. The thinking woman. Lonli Lola