Original paintings for sale. Modernism. The Year 2077. Alferov Andrei
Original paintings for sale. Modernism. The Year 2077. Alferov Andrei



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'The Year 2077'. Alferov Andrei

The Year 2077
Alferov Andrei. All artworks  >>
oil, gouache, cardboard
39.4” x 27.6“
( 100.0 x 70.0 cm )
Price: $ 2160 / € 2000

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Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. `Spring tenderness`
Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. From the series `Streets`
Pool cue cases. Stylish cue case. Genuine leather. Handcrafted
Oil paintings for sale.
`Spring tenderness`
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Oil paintings for sale.
From the series `Streets`
oil, canvas
Pool cue cases
Stylish cue case
Genuine leather



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Alferov Andrei

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The Year 2077. Cardboard, mixed technique (oil, gouache, palette-knife, brush).

Painted under the impression from a book about Nostradamus. One of his prophecies speaks about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but in the form of a woman. I show the crucifixion of Christ at the beginning of the first millennium. He had come to save the sinful world, but the people denied Him and crucified Him, sending His Father a message that they could live on their own, without His gerent on earth.

The invisible timeline of the third millennium connects the Crucifixion and His Second Coming as a woman a saint with cherubs. She defies Antichrist who has prevailed in the world by the end of the century. Below in the middle is the 21st century overflowing with blood, for, according to Nostradamus, it will be even bloodier than the preceding century. Behind it the rising atomic 'mushroom' and the A-bomb can be seen, crowned with the smallish 20th century. The atomic century. A man and a woman are praying for Jesus to save the people from the King of Horror. On the left and on the right are the so-called 'flying saucers', or UFOs. But as Rerich said at the time, all UFOs, and all the prophets and messiahs, come from Shambhala, the genetic storage of the humanity, to give impetus to history.

The painting is a warning against what might befall humans in the near future. Let the people of the earth live without wars, in peace and concord!


Original paintings for sale. Modernism. The Year 2077. Alferov Andrei