Original paintings for sale. Modernism. Tibet-Shambhala. Alferov Andrei
Original paintings for sale. Modernism. Tibet-Shambhala. Alferov Andrei



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'Tibet-Shambhala'. Alferov Andrei

Alferov Andrei. All artworks  >>
mixed media, paper
33.9” x 24.0“
( 86.0 x 61.0 cm )
Price: $ 6480 / € 6000

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Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. `Spring tenderness`
Oil paintings for sale. Contemporary art. From the series `Streets`
Pool cue cases. Stylish cue case. Genuine leather. Handcrafted
Oil paintings for sale.
`Spring tenderness`
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Oil paintings for sale.
From the series `Streets`
oil, canvas
Pool cue cases
Stylish cue case
Genuine leather



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Alferov Andrei

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Tibet Shambhala.
Paper, oil.

Painted under the impression from what I had read about Rerich, and the works by Ernst Mouldashev the worldwide known traveler who has re-tracked the journeys of the great artist and writer Rerich. The picture shows Tibet. In the middle is the sacred Mount Kailasa, which the lore holds to be the greatest pyramid on earth, whence an invisible line stretches out to other great monuments of the past: statues from Easter Island on the right, the Egyptian pyramids down below, the Aztec pyramids in Mexico to the left, and in between the Greek sign for man, 'microcosm in macrocosm', as Plato put it. According to the legend, and as Mouldashev seems to have proven mathematically, the distance separating all these great monuments, including Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle with a pyramid allegedly hidden underneath, is 6,666 kilometers. The number of the Devil!

As the lore has it, the ancient Atlantes from a civilization long gone (whose watchful eyes carved on the steps of Swayanbunath in Katmandu you can see in the center) are watching us from their netherworld ruled by the gods of Shambhala, or Agharty, the world of the dead where the Lemures, and the Atlantes, and the early Arians - all repose in the state of somati (conservation of the body for many thousand years). The philosophical message is that Man is but a tiny spec of dust in this great world. There is a legend that all these monuments were erected to save the mankind from the coming Apocalypse, but people pay no heed and continue to indulge in self-distruction. The painting is a dedication to the great man Rerich and his teaching.


Original paintings for sale. Modernism. Tibet-Shambhala. Alferov Andrei